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About Shawna:

Photographer, graphic designer, event planner, magazine editor, marketing director, communication director and cheer leader … while she’s worn many hats her focus is on one objective: helping others succeed.

With a love of the visual she often wishes for her camera and kicks herself when she is not carrying it. Though landscapes are a favored subject, kids (of all ages) and animals at play are her hands down favorite. Photographing on the beach, at the park or on the playground brings out the best smiles and personality Shawna believes.

Designing is a largely self-taught, self-defense skill. If she wanted a card, flyer, post card or other printed material she learned to create it herself, now she offers those skills to others. In the different jobs she’s held, these skills have come in handy and grown.

And yes she’s found writing about herself in the third person very strange.

About www.touchabutton.com

Shawna’s website is her portfolio, a brag page if you will, of her favorite designs and photos. Explore the site let her know what you like by dropping her an email here. If you want to hire her contact her here!

Shawna is based in Las Vegas, NV.

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